Good stationery and a tidy desk for success

For a brighter school pupil
The heading may seem like the understatement of the year for the workplace as there is usually some sort of rule and most people know that a tidy desk not littered with stationery exudes or at least hints at an air of efficiency but it is often blissfully ignored at home when it comes to school goers. High school teenagers in particular are already having to deal with growing up, learning about themselves and dealing the social pressures that the last thing they should be doing is making studying more distracting and thereby increasing anxiety levels that has been known to help bring on depression.

Our brains favour order
Constantly viewing an untidy area in front of you puts a strain on your cognitive resources and reduces focusing ability. Time lost looking for an item leads to frustration and the feeling that this untidiness has got out of hand leads to procrastination which in turn creates other diversion tactics such as snacking, playing computer games and surfing the web.

Change is good
It goes without saying that regular tidying is king – don’t let it build up and put it away when you are finished with what ever it is. Maybe set a regular desk cleaning day?

Did you know that the 13th of January this year was earmarked as National Clean Off Your Desk day in the USA. (We should declare it here in South Africa as well). I hope they also realised that it should have been a clean “all” of your desk day as having your drawers stuffed to the hilt with non organised stationery items is not helping either. A good desk drawer sorter is vital.

Properly dust and clean all surfaces even empty out the drawers, vacuum them, add a drawer organiser tray and re-pack with only productive stationery items such Highlighters, pencils, pens, kokis. A good start would be the items suitable for a school pupil or something for the home.

Proper filing of study papers will mean that everything is easier to find for quick referencing while busy with a school project or brushing up on a subject before a test. It is also wise to place all distracting items and trinkets on a shelf above the desk out of direct sight.

Filing trays or suitable cardboard boxes marked “read and discard”, “file for reference” and “to do now” or such like will help you with your desk cleaning day. Attractive cardboard boxes or even the box your grade stationery pack came in can also be used to store any extra stationery supply in a cupboard or neatly under the desk.

Now that the desk is tidy and all your stationery is sorted stepping away from the desk there are a number of other things that can be done to help create the perfect study environment. Negative energy comes from broken things so replace the dried out and broken stationery and either repair that broken chair or purchase a new one. Take care to ensure that your posture is correct.

Good lighting is very helpful, a fully positionable desk lamp with an LED bulb of no less than 4000K. is the measure of light colour, the lower the number the more yellow and the higher the more blue white, 5000K is the average equivalent to sunlight.

Open a window and get some fresh air in. If there is no flow then there can be an increase in carbon dioxide in the room which reduces attention span. A pleasant way to improve your mood and focus is to consider aromatherapy. Some good suggestions are lemon for concentration, lavender for calming, rosemary and cinnamon for brain stimulation and peppermint to really invigorate your brain and help improve your grade.

If you have the budget, consider the wall colour, shades of yellow, brown or purple can go a long way to help. Consider some appropriately inspiring pictures to hang on the wall or go with something more educational. Finally, you could try a bold step into the Chinese pseudoscientific traditional practice of Feng Shui that many people swear by, it’s not a religion but a way of arranging your living spacing to create harmony. An interesting subject to read up on if you have a curious mind which hopefully you will have after following all the advice in this article.

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