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Grade 3 Back to School Pack

1 x Fibre Tips Pens 24’s
4 x Glue Stick
1 x White Craft Glue 125ml
1 x Eraser Value Pack
1 x Colouring Pencils 12’s
1 Retractable Crayons
1 x Easy Break Tape 12mm x 33m (6’s)
1 x Safety Scissor
1 x Oil Pastels
2 x Display Book 50p
1 x Clear Ruler
1x Smart Writer HB Pencil (12’s)
1 x Ream of Copy Paper
1 x Pencil Case 34cm
7 x College Exercise Book A4 72p
1 x Stick -it 50g
1 x 2 Hole Metal Sharpener
2 x Box of Tissue
1 x Display Book 10p
1 x Clear Liquid 50ml
1 x Hightlighter Set
1 x Calculator 8 Digit